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Soft People is a software research development and consulting company focusing on PEOPLESOFT, ERP, E-BUSINESS and INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES. Our services include solutions in Multi-tier distributed architecture, Internet, E-Commerce and varying database. With an established infrastructure of latest hardware, Software and Data Communication, we provide the service of an ideal 24/7.
Having spent more than million man-haves in technology people and process management we have gained insights to better manage software projects. Various methodologies that have been used to deliver quality work to our clients will enable us in handling diverse needs of today’s business with a focus on enhancing their Productivity, Core- Competency and Quality Oriented cost effectiveness.

On-Time delivery.
Medics driven project management.
Global delivery capabilities.
Quality management through standards.
Focus on core human value systems.
Cost effectiveness.
Govt regulations and disruptive technologies.
Time zone driven 24/7 development and monitoring.


Technological empowerment.
Meandering and guidance.
Best of benefits package.
Cross vertical and cross cultural domain visibility, flexibility and integrity
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